Oh, so many questions. Luckily we have answers. Can’t find it below? Email us at smoothtalk@skinvolve.com.

+Oh, what’s this all about?

These are products that are all about boosting your body’s skin tone and texture. This is a brand that’s all about boosting your ego. We’re about the greatness of the individual. After all, no two thumbprints are alike. We don’t believe in normal or compromise, which is why all our products contain natural botanical extracts that benefit your body in a variety of ways.

+Oh, how much should I use and how often?

If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, then a tablespoon of Skinvolve will help your booty bounce back. Work the Body Boost Gel into your skin with small, circular motions until dry, before each workout. You’ll feel a cooling sensation, which means things have started working. For best results use twice daily. As for the Body Karate Cream, apply generously to clean skin daily.

+Oh, can I use the cream and gel together?

Do peanut butter and jelly go together? Of course. For the quickest and best results apply Body Boost Gel before your workout and Body Karate Cream after showering.

+Oh, convince me why I should use this.

Easy done, let’s keep this short and sweet. Do you want better skin tone and texture, less dormant fat, a reduced appearance of cellulite and a body that makes people swoon? Used consistently alongside a healthy diet and exercise, our products will do just that. Boom.

+Oh, what’s the difference between the Gel and the Cream?

Think of our Gel as your (cooling) warm up, and our cream as your constant sidekick. The Gel has a menthol-based formula, creating a cool, energizing sensation to activate problem areas and firm skin. Along with Ginseng and Green Tea and the following botanical extracts: Acai, Aloe Vera Gel, Guarana, Vitamins A, B, C, & E. The Cream contains a blend of Pure Caffeine and Argan Oil to help improve texture and aid in the decreased appearance of cellulite while keeping you smooth, fighting free radicals that cause skin aging, and targeting skin issues such as psoriasis and eczema.

+Oh, I have sensitive skin. Help me.

Help is here. To be safe and not sorry, we recommend patch testing on the inside part of your forearm, to ensure no reactions occur.

+Oh, I’m having a baby! Can I use Skinvolve?

Firstly, congrats baby mama. Secondly, we recommend consulting your doctor before using our products, both when pregnant or breastfeeding.

+Oh, how long will Skinvolve last?

Do as you’re told and we’ll get along just fine. Apply as directed and both the Gel and Cream will last approximately 1 month.

+Oh, when will I get my shipment?

Patience is our favorite virtue. All US orders will be processed within 24 hours, but then we need our beauty sleep. We offer same day shipping if orders are received prior to 10am CST. You should receive your body evolution care package within 3-5 business days.