Spring Cleaning Real TalkMarch 24, 2015 · Smoothtalk Ninja

We want to share with you some of our favorite life hacks for putting a spring (get it!?) in your step. We know that winter can be a time of serious hibernation (we won’t name names) and it’s sometimes hard to break habits that have formed as a result of too little sunlight, too much cabin fever, and a total lack of fresh air. Let’s check out some great ways to start anew for spring that will have you feeling fresh in no time.




# 1 – Healthify Your Kitchen

  • Focus on raw foods – Cooking foods generally tends to make them lose some of their nutritional value. Try to skip cooking and eat raw vegetables and almonds as a start.
  • Switch your table salt to unrefined sea salt – Sea salt is unprocessed and holds the minerals that are good for you like magnesium, potassium, and calcium.
  • Display fruit on your counter, NOT potato chips – “People who keep junk food on the counter weigh, on average, 20 pounds more than those who don't -- and those who keep fruit out in the open weigh 7.5 pounds less.” -  www.rachaelraymag.com


# 2 – Clean Out Your Closet

  • The 1-year rule – If you haven’t worn an item in the past year, it's time to part ways, consider donating or selling it.
  • Organization 101 – Buy slim hangers and shoe compartments, use a hamper, fold sweaters, store bulky items like sweaters underneath your bed (aka majority of your winter gear).
  • Phone a friend – Another set of trusted eyes can help you realize you might not need that H&M polyester top that never truly fit in the first place.

# 3 – Update Your Workout Gear

  • Sneaker check – The key is how the cushioning is holding up. “Using your thumb, push on the outsole upward into the midsole. With new shoes, it should be easy to see the midsole compress into lines or wrinkles. As the shoe wears down, the midsole compresses less with the same amount of pressure.” – www.rei.com
  • Sports bras – If your sports bra does not show signs of resistance when you tug it, you gotta ditch that thing like a bad boyfriend. Invest in sports bras specifically made for high impact to make them last longer. 


 #4 – Zen Your Space

  • Keep it simple – Avoid stacks of mail and car keys out in plain sight. Surfaces should be free of clutter. Ornamental decorations and knick-knacks distract instead of relax, and clutter in general can cause stress. 
  • Position your bed – Your bed should be in the line of some natural light, against a solid wall, and not in front of a door or passage area.
  • Consider color – Focus on cool hues and soft neutrals to create a calming effect in your space.