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DIY Body Wrap In A Snap

Posted by Smoothtalk Ninja


We know it’s on a lot of your minds and social media feeds lately, so we figured we'd give ya some real talk information about how this whole “body wrap” process can make an actual difference in your physical appearance.

A body wrap can be a quick way to get rid of excess water weight and give you a skinny kick into a big weekend or event #zipthatdress #springbreakbod – regardless, we feel you!

Results will vary based on the individual, but overall we have been seeing improved tone… so why not try it for yourself? The Body Boost Gel is your first and most vital weapon in this operation to combat cellulite, tighten muscle tone, and reduce bloating/excess water retention. Let’s do this!


  • Dry brush OR exfoliating cream
  • Body Boost Gel
  • Plastic Wrap / Saran Wrap
  • Sports Bandage

Step One:

Use either a dry brush or exfoliating cream (or both) to open up your pores and prep your skin for the wrap. Rinse the cream from the targeted area and wipe your skin clean of any other product.


Step Two:

Apply a thin layer of Body Boost Gel on the targeted area. Work in the gel in a small circular motion until the gel is dry.

Step Three:

Wrap plastic wrap around the area so that it is tight, but not painfully so (read: you still need to breathe!)

Step Four:

Apply a sport bandage around the plastic wrap for extra reinforcement (optional).

Step Five:

We wait! Let the wrap sit for at least 30 minutes. We recommend taking it off about 2 hours after application, but we will leave this part up to you!

Step Six:

Rinse off the gel and admire your results. Tag us on social with your progress! @skinvolve #volving 

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